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Members of Northam Golf Club, which he had earlier served for twenty-eight years as secretary, were bearers at the funeral at Northam Parish Church on Friday of Mr T J F Webber, formerly of 6 Searle Terrace, Northam.

1950 Mr Webber golfer

Mr Webber, who was 89, died on May 22nd. He was a retired postal official.
The funeral service was conducted by the Rev E B Bridger (Vicar). Mrs D Kelly was at the organ.
Immediate mourners were: Mr George Webber, Mr Leo Webber, Mrs L Webber, Mr Norman Webber, Mrs N Webber, Mr and Mrs R Jeffery, Mrs Wrey, Mrs W Chapman, Miss Esme Webber, Mr George Wrey and Mr Fred Webber, Mr Leonard Spry and Mr John Spry.
Other attending were: Mr and Mrs W Mills, Mr and Mrs C Gale, Rev H P D Pinhey, Rev J C A S Muller, Messrs J H Taylor, S Heard, W A S Bromell (also representing Mr and Mrs E H Trapnell), R T Bennett, J Jeffery, Mesdames W Kelly, W E Babb, Jenkins, E Beaumont, Jeffery, W Littlejohns, H Glover, A Mitchell, Burch, Hill, E R Rendle; Misses F Kelly, J Shutt, R Barber (also representing Mr W E Ellis), Lawrence and F E Kelly.
Floral tributes included: Mr J Jeffery and family; from brother Jim and family; Laura and Will Chapman; Emma, Frances, Lilly and Billy; the Northam Golf Club; members of Bideford Liberal Club; members of Bideford Putting Green; Miss Ruby Barber; Miss Janie Shutt.
Funeral arrangements were by Mr H T Hancock, Lenards Road, Northam.
The full Gazette article is dated 2 June 1950



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