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A larch pole, six feet long, was carried into Torrington County Magistrates Court. Pleading ‘guilty’ to the larceny of the pole, Barnabas Box, of The Village, Langtree, was fined 10s with £1 4s 10d costs.

1950 Langtree

Police Inspector H Burrows explained that the owner’s (Mr Vanstone’s) property adjoined the defendant’s garden. On January 28th the larch pole was in the yard with other timber. A Mr William Johns saw defendant standing in his garden path. With a four-pronged dung fork he was putting the pole over the hedge into his own garden. Mr Johns reported the matter, and on going back found the pole was lying in defendant’s garden path. Johns recovered the pole.
Defendant, said the inspector, admitted taking the pole, saying he wanted some firing for the children.
Gazette article dated 24 February 1950

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