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A very pleasant evening was spent at Appledore Church School by members of St Mary’s Church Mothers’ Meeting, assembled for a supper and social.

1950 Appledore Mothers

The supper had been provided by Mrs Kivell assisted by Mrs V Lesslie, Mrs R White and Miss Griffiths. Mr and Mrs T Screech gave general assistance.
The Vicar, Rev H C A S Muller, presided and thanked Mrs Helen Muller, Mrs Skipwith and Mrs Ramsay for their great interest in a practical way in the Mothers’ Meeting, and those responsible for the arrangements that evening. He also welcomed the guests.
After supper there was community singing, dancing and games organised by Mrs Muller. Mrs Skipwith contributed a dance in Scotch costume. Mrs Clara Broad was at the piano. The evening concluded with thanks and prayers.

Gazette article dated 3 March 1950

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