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Westward Ho! Railway Conspiracy

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Bideford-Westward Ho!-Appledore Railway - Is there a conspiracy?

Did the engines sink or see service near the front line?

Early in 1917, the line was commandeered by the Government and a temporary line was laid from Bideford Quay across the bridge to a goods yard in East-the-Water.
Lieut-Colonel E V Thompson said that engines were loaded on to SS Gotterdammerung at Avonmouth and were destroyed when the ship was torpedoed by a U-boat off the Cornish coast. Hunslett Engine Co. and others claim that the engines were despatched to Pembrey in South Wales for shipment to the front.
Mr Sowden thought he saw one of the engines at Arras during the War.
Mr Philip Kelly of 6 Stanhope Terrace, Bideford, says he saw the engines with identification plates at Armentieres.
Mr Colin Eastman of Clovelly maintains that divers found, on a wreck, off the North Cornwall coast, 2 railway carriages 150ft beneath the Atlantic Ocean.
'Kingsley' survived the war and was sold by the Ministry of Munitions to the National Smelting Co. and scrapped in 1937.

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