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Lifeboat christening: council's 'dismay' 22nd June 1962

lifeboat christening

'Dismay' of Northam Urban Council has been expressed to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution following the decision to christen the new Appledore lifeboat at Bideford.

Appledore Station Committee felt that Bideford was a more convenient location.  Mr L Moore asked about a newspaper report that the secretary of the Lifeboat Committee had been in touch with the Council and they were satisfied with the decision.  The Clerk Mr A Gardner said that he had written to the secretary saying that the Council were not protesting about the ceremony being held in another area, but pointing out that they supported any efforts made on behalf of the institution.

Mr Moore moved that the Council continue to press that the ceremony should be held at Appledore.  Appledore was the home of the lifeboat and it was manned and maintained by Appledorians agreed Mr V F Bowyer.  It is ridiculous to say that there were not the facilities there.  Facilities at Appledore were better said Mr A C Saunders and there was far more room.  Mr G W G Hutchings asked if it was too late to do anything, the Clerk replied that it was unlikely that arrangements could be altered now.

On the motion of Mr Powell it was decided to write to the R.N.L.I. that the Council too 'a dim view' of their decision.

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