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When Pansy, a three year old Fresian heifer owned by Mr Tom Gill, of the Beeches, Buckland Brewer, showed a tendency to develop somewhat unladylike habits and failed to show, as she should have done, signs of approaching motherhood, Mr Gill consulted a veterinary surgeon.

28.6.1963 heifer

His diagnosis: she is changing her sex.
Pansy still gives three gallons of milk daily, but her ‘moo’ is changing to a bellow and she tends to show more than a passing interest in the other members of the dairy herd.
An AI heifer, she produced her first calf, a bull, normally.
Says 50 year old Mr Gill: “I have never before known anything like this and no farmer to whom I have mentioned it has known a similar case”.
Gazette article dated 28 June 1963

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