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Coronation - Abbotsham - 11th May 1937

Coronation Abbotsham - 1937


Coronation Day will commence early at Abbotsham where a service will be heldt in the Church at 8am. School children will be presented with mugs in the morning, and at 2pm sports for adults and children will be held. At 4pm a football match will be played. A free tea is to be provided for all parishioners at 5pm, and half-an-hour later a skittles competition will take place. A social in the Parish Hall commences at 7pm and at 10pm the huge bonfire will be lite and a display of fireworks given. Funds were raised by public subscription and amounted to £15. Mr D Grahame is chairman and hon. treasurer of the Celebrations Committee. The ladies' committe for the tea and social comprises Mesdames de Las Casas, Grahame, Bale, Stapledon, Facey, Jewell, Manning, Glover, and J Hockin.

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