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There would seem to be ample land for housing available within the village of Shebbear to meet general needs, say Department of the Environment inspector Mr W R Arnold. 

4.5.1973 Shebbear

And he has dismissed an appeal by Mr M J Moast against the refusal of the local planning authority to permit the erection of four houses at Bottledown Cross there. Their provision, he adds, would constitute an undesirable and unacceptable intensification of sporadic development in the countryside outside the reasonable limits of the village. The appeal site, the inspector points out, is about three quarters of a mile from the village and 400ft north of a small group of buildings around Bottledown Cross, west of the site on the other side of the class III road are the grounds of Shebbear College. But says the inspector, he cannot agree with the contention that the college and the appeal site should properly be regarded as within the reasonable limits of the village. 

Gazette article dated 4 May 1973

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