Doing time – over 300 years of it – at Hartland

Probably the oldest in North Devon

It is probably the oldest in North Devon and one of the earliest pendulum clocks in the country. It is Harton Town clock, set into the wall of the Chapel-of-Ease, in Hartland Square.

6 January 1967 Doing time at Hartland

It was made by John Morcomb of Barnstaple in 1622 at a cost of 33s. In 1657 he converted it at a cost of 20s. replacing the old verge balance escapement, of which traces still remain, by an anchor or recoil escapement and pendulum.

Originally the clock was in a clock house in the Town Hall. Early in the 19th century this was pulled down and the Chapel-of-Ease was erected on the site. This was about 1839.

Gazette article 6 January 1967


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