Practical sympathy at Northam

Northam children organise sale

While they were showing their sympathy in a very practical way for the families of the stricken village of Aberfan, the children of Northam Voluntary Primary School were also exercising their organising abilities and arithmetic at a sale of toys, comics and books they organised last week.

4 November 1966 Practical sympathy at Northam

The juniors held their sale on the Thursday raising over £10 and the infants held their sale on the Friday, raising over £4. This was added to the £10 raised the previous week by the school’s harvest sale, and thus £25 was sent to the Aberfan Disaster Fund.

Members of the staff only exercised general supervision and help, otherwise the events were entirely in the hands of the children. ‘They did the pricing and selling and within a very short time everything was sold,’ the headmaster (Mr G. Harrison) told the Gazette.

Gazette article 4 November 1966


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