Hartland Abbey outdoor staff 60 years ago

Old photograph at Hartland Abbey

A fascinating piece of social history is this picture taken, it is believed, shortly after the turn of the century outside Hartland Abbey. It shows estate employees – mostly or all outdoor staff – holding where possible tools of their trade. There are gardeners, game keeper, carpenter, woodsman and, with his watch chain across his ample chest, the foreman.

30 September 1966 Hartland Abbey outdoor staff

Something of a mystery figure is the elegant young man reclining on the left of the picture, possibly a footman. One suggestion is that he was a member of the Stucley family.

The print is from a plate found among the effects of the late Mr Cory Burrow, who was editor, reporter, compositor, printer and publisher of the now-defunct Hartland Chronicle.

Gazette article 30 September 1966



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