‘Little Big Ben’

New facts about Bideford’s clock

Apart from the generous response of local subscribers to the appeal to modernise and re-start St Mary’s Church clock, there has been a response from another direction. Mr T.R. Robinson, technical journalist , writer, and broadcaster on ‘Tower Clocks’ has made a visit of inspection.

8 July 1966 Little Big Ben

The Bideford clock, he describes, as a fine example of a form of construction first adopted for the great Westminster clock, indeed a ‘little Big Ben’. The clock was made by Messrs Gillett and Johnston, of Croydon and is characteristic of many hundreds of their clocks. Mr Robinson believes with complete overhaul, repairs and proper maintenance the clock should be capable of serving the town for much longer in the future than it had in the past.

Gazette article 8 July 1966




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