Photo of town’s first car wins prize

Bideford's first motor car

This was Bideford’s first motor car. A belt-driven Benz of 4½ horse power made in 1902. It belonged to the late Dr E.J. Toye. When first driven through the streets by Dr Toye’s chauffeur, Mr W. Jewell, it caused quite a stir.

Newsagent Mr Dick Keates, now 75, remembers how, as a young boy, he and his pals would run from swimming on the sand banks of the river to push the car up Barnstaple hill, for which they would receive a penny.

22 October 1965 Photo of towns first car wins prize

The picture above, of Mr Jewell in the car, belongs to Mr Jewell’s daughter Mrs W. McCarthy, now of Cardiff. Recently it gained second prize out of over 200 entries in a photographic competition for veteran and vintage cars.

Gazette article 22 October 1965

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