Northam’s almshouse

Since 1867, this has been Northam’s almshouse

It is situated in the area behind the Post Office and at the time of writing had six residents.

The building has eight rooms spread over two floors, each room possessing a coal-burning stove for cooking and heating, an alcove for a single bed and a coal store.
There is a stipulation residents must be women and able to look after themselves. No rent is paid.

Northam's almshouse

An earlier almshouse which was demolished nearly 100 years ago is understood to have been near the present building. Applications for accommodation are usually made to the Vicar of Northam or to one of the other trustees. Northam receives £195 18s. 6d. annually from eleven charities, the first – Berriman’s Gift – dates from June 1622. More than half these charities are for the poor and aged of the parish, though two, one producing £12 10s. 4d. annually and the other 4s., are specifically towards the upkeep of the almshouse.

Gazette article 7 February 1964

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