Entente Cordiale in Bideford

First Charolais to be born in North Devon

An eagerly awaited event in North Devon was the arrival in the early hours of Sunday of the first Charolais calf to be born in the area. It was born to a Shorthorn cow in the herd of Mr James Pickard of Oldiscleave Farm, Bideford. This, the cow’s fifth calf, was got by artificial insemination and no trouble was experienced. Mr Pickard found the calf, a heifer, only a few hours after it had been born, jumping around and apparently very strong on its feet. It weighed 105lb. Mr Pickard intends to rear the calf for experimental purposes with a view possibly of breeding from it dependent upon its progress and general conformation.

Entente cordiale in Bideford

Gazette article 14 December 1962



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