Fleet of foot and fair of face

Bell Bomber was choice

Mrs Christine Hale, an Appledore hairdresser who plays at centre-half for Appledore women’s team Bell Bombers, is North Devon’s first Soccer Personality Girl.

Fleet of foot and fair of face

Seen above are some of the local girl footballers who competed for the title and the prize of £10 at the first annual dinner of the Legs Eleven ladies’ FC of Appledore.

In the picture (left to right) are: Barbara Riley, Liz Lawrence and Diane Moore (Shammy Tigers); Rosalind Smale and Christine Hale (Bell Bombers); Janet Pearson, Liz Stanbury and Anne Powe (Legs Eleven).

There will be informal talks at the dinner about the possibility of forming a ladies’ football league in North Devon. There are now seven ladies’ football teams playing in the area. Mrs Hale would welcome such a league as she believes women have as much right as men to play football.

Gazette articles 15 & 22 February 1974


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