A craftsman’s ‘potted history’

Featured in leading American ceramics magazine

Featured in an issue of Ceramics Monthly, a leading American magazine devoted to the art, is the work of Torridgeside potter Harry Juniper, who lives at Monkleigh. He first came to North Devon as an evacuee in the Second World War, chance taking him to a billet at Torrington which he afterwards discovered was the home of his second cousins. From Torrington County Secondary School, he went on to Bideford School of Art. During vacations he worked at the Braunton pottery which was founded by Fishley Holland, and at the pottery of Buckfast Abbey. Five more years followed at the pottery of Michael Leach at Yelland.

A craftsmans potted history

The article quotes Harry’s words: “It’s the pot that matters – and if I can’t enjoy making ‘em I don’t want to make ‘em.” One of the most popular of his developments is his handling of clay in the form of traditional North Devon harvest jugs with themes adroitly tuned to the events of today usually closely associated with North Devon. His latest speciality is harvest jug commemorative pieces for the launching of the Golden Hinde replica at Appledore this spring.

Gazette article dated 9 February 1973


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