Shipbuilding hobby at Hartland

Building models for 40 years

Mr Thomas John Henwood, of No. 2 Northgate, Hartland, has been answering a call of the sea for more than 40 years and has still kept his feet firmly on the ground.

He was 17 when he made his first model boat, his subject the ill-fated Titanic and he has since devoted most of his spare time during the winter months to his fascinating hobby.

Cunarders have always had a special appeal and because of intricate detail, each occupies him for about three years. After the Titanic came the Mauretania, the Lusitania, the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth seen with him in the picture. This winter he has begun his latest work, the Queen Elizabeth II.

Hartland shipbuilding hobby

The models are made entirely by hand, Mr Henwood boasts that he has never used a power tool, some of his tools being 100 years old.

Gazette article dated 28 March 1969


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