Escaped crane moves into Kenwith Valley

Crane escapes from Bideford Zoo

After exploring Bideford for some 24 hours after his escape from Bideford Zoo, Kiki, a large West African crowned crane took up residence in the Kenwith Valley meadows. Over four feet high and with a wing span of well over six feet, Kiki has evaded all attempts by the zoo’s owner, Mrs Katherine Tottenham, to recapture him. A tape recording of his female mate, reported to be missing him, failed to lure him back. The bird could survive the summer months quite happily, says Mrs Tottenham, but with the arrival of the winter frosts would almost certainly die.

 Bideford escaped crane

Our photograph was taken early during his escape when he was exploring town vantage points. Cressy, the chimp, is blamed for having made a hole in the roof of the cage from which Kiki escaped.

Gazette article dated 11 July 1969

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