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Improved playing facilities at Torrington golf course were reported at the annual meeting of the Golf Club at which Mr W Bowden (President) presided.

27.2.1959 Torrington golf

Mr L G Weeks spoke of the all-round improvement of the greens and said that a new tee were being constructed. He hoped that during the coming season still more improvements would be carried out, especially in relation to the entrance to the club hut.
Despite poor weather during the past season, Mr A J Perry said that the club had paid its way, although the necessity to employ a gang mower had meant additional expense. Eight new members had joined.
Mr Ken Bowden announced the winners of the last year’s competitions; Mr H Colwill; Mr B Pedley; Mr R Reed.
Officers were elected: Mr W Bowden; Mr L G Weeks; Mr R J Short; Mr A J Perry; Mr K Bowden; Mr B Nash; Miss A Hodge.
The full Gazette article is dated 27 February 1959

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