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Christmas dinner at Torridge View Welfare Home, Torrington, will have even more of a family flavour than usual. The turkey will be carves by Dr Harry Cramp and dinner will be served by six of his seven children – the seventh is still ‘in arms’.

24.12.1970 Torrington Cramp

But long before then the district will have been scoured and old people living alone and who would otherwise spend a solitary Christmas will have been brought in to join the residents and the tenants of the old people’s bungalows in the grounds of Torridge View who are also to be entertained.
Santa Claus will tour the home at about 10.30am with gifts for everyone. The three course dinner will be accompanied by wine, beer, sherry or minerals, and there will be more drinks in the afternoon when carols will be sung by members of the Order of the Moose at Bideford. There will be more carols following a traditional tea for those who do not choose to watch television.
Visitors will include the Mayor and Mayoress, Mr and Mrs W D Cockram, who will also bring gifts.
As reported elsewhere, the Cavaliers have delivered gifts and there have been visits by many carol parties. The local band, Devonaires, spent an evening playing for dancing and entertaining, and there has been a sherry party.

Gazette article dated 24 December 1970

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