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Although disheartened by receipts from their ‘Sinking the Bismarck’ bonfire, Torrington Cavaliers will be keeping faith with the old folk and children of the town and distributing their customary gifts at Christmas.

Torrington Cavaliers bonfire November 1973

Fears that reserves would be used up in staging the event, the largest undertaken by the Cavaliers so far, if they were unable to charge for entry almost proved justified. ‘But thanks to very generous donations from traders and individuals around the town we have broken even’ explained Cavaliers’ chairman Mr R Webster. This meant that they would be able after all to distribute gifts.
He was disappointed that so many people who attended the event had done so without giving a contribution. Money collected at the event was only about £600 eh said and although some people gave large contributions it had been worked out that at least 50 per cent of the spectators had watched free of charge. This was very disheartening after all the hard work that had gone into the building of the bonfire.
Among those attending the event were Mr Werner Lust, technical adviser for the film ‘Sink the Bismarck’ and secretary of the Bismarck Survivors Association, and Messrs Ted Briggs and Bob Tilburn, two of the three survivors from HMS Hood.
The full article is dated 9 November 1973.

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