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Many friends attended the funeral service in St Michael’s Church, Torrington, for Mr Frederick John Allen, 105 Mill Street, Torrington. Mr Allen, who was 68, was a retired policeman.

1962 death of Mr Allen

The service was conducted by the Vicar of Torrington, Rev P G Harrison, and the organist was Miss M L Wright.
Principal mourners were: the widow, Dorothy and Steve, Pamela and Roger, Beatie and Gladys, Eddie and Cred, Mrs W Portman, Mrs Ivy Bryant and Hazel, Mr and Mrs T Mills, Mr Tony Avery.
The bearers were Messrs E Lawrence, M Burke, T Hammett, W Newcombe, P May and B Copp.
Others attending included Sergeant J Street and Constable Hancock, Mrs M Doyle, Mr E Johns, Mr and Mrs P May, Mr and Mrs E Lawrence, Mr Hammett, Mr and Mrs J Norman, Mr and Mrs B Norman, Miss Ethel Rowe, Mrs F J Bryan, Miss F Snell, Mrs W Blight, Mr and Mrs A Sutton, Mr and Mrs Martin Burke, Miss K Baker, Mrs Len Eastwood, Mrs S Blight, Mr S C Ward, Mr and Mrs Fred Vodden, Mr and Mrs C Winson, Mrs C R Popham, Mrs D Snell, Mrs Joe Davies, Mr J Quick and Mrs Charles Popham.
Floral tributes were from: May, Dorothy and Steve, Pamela and Roger, Beatie, Gladys and Monty, Cred and Eddie, Thelma, Laurie and Lyndon, Mr and Mrs W Allen, Ivy, Fred and family, Mr and Mrs Portman and Roy, Fred and Lily, Graham, Julia, Elizabeth and Jonathan, Doris, David and Ann, Ciss and Essie, Elsie, Graham, Heather and Michael, Win, Ted and Margaret, Chief Constable and members of Swansea Borough Police Force, Albert and Doris, Mr and Mrs Bonniwell, Mr Tayler, Mr and Mrs Matthews, Mr and Mrs E Lawrence, Emrys and Betty, S C Ward, Mr and Mrs F Sussex, Mrs Cole and family, Mr Tony Avery, Bill, Edie and Florrie, Mrs Holland and Florrie, Mr and Mrs Brown and Stanley, Mrs Snell and Dorothy, Mr and Mrs May and Alan, Mill Street and Taddiport Old Age Pensioners Association, Mr and Mrs J Norman and family, R W Hearn and family, K Sandford and G Dyer, Kathleen Baker, Mrs B Sussex and J Davies, Joyce Steer, Mr and Mrs J Reed, Elsie, Jack and Lionel, past president, president and all members of Swansea Devonian Society, Connie Thurston and Betty Tuck.
Funeral arrangements by Mr Ivor Combe, 72 New Street, Torrington.
Full Gazette article dated 12 October 1962

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