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Among those nursing children wounded and ill in Amman following the Jordanian civil war is Miss Audrey Brunt who, from 1957 to 1960, was district nurse in Torrington.

Torrington Nurse 970

Always she spends part of her leave in this country at Torrington where she was a member of the Baptist Church and a Sunday School teacher. She has addressed meetings about her work with the Save the Children Fund in the Middle East, and the Church has worked for her making and collecting clothes and blankets, which she has distributed.
On leaving Torrington Miss Brunt trained as a health visitor in Bristol and was a public health nurse in Canada before working for the Save the Children Fund in the Middle East. She nursed refugee children in North Jordan in 1967 following the six-day war, but has spent most of her time starting and running clinics for mothers and children at Ma’an in the south of the country.
She is now in a second term with the Fund which flew her to Amman.

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