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200 passengers give the Halwill line a closure in style 5th March 1965

200 passengers give the Halwill line a closure in styleIt is a long since the queue for tickets at Torrington railway station stretched from the booking office out and down the platform.

About 200 people filled the last public passenger train from Torrington on the Torrington-Halwill line, and there can be few, if any, occasions when more passengers have been carried since its opening as a full scale line in 1925.

Passengers included members of Plymouth, Exeter and Launceston Railway societies and a contingent of 32 boys from the Transport Society of Grenville College, Bideford, led by Mr D Whittington and Mr B D Hughes.

The school party were armed with cameras, cine camera and a tape recorder and Edward Harrison, son of the Vicar of Torrington (Rev P Harrison), a pupil of the school had brought a not-too-unkind caricature of Dr Beeching, which found its way into the farewell display.

Mr Jack A Parkhouse, has frequently driven on the route.  Stationmaster Mr L Somerfield lifted his arm, there were a few muffled cheers and the diesel train, proudly filled, disappeared round the bend to the bridge over the Torridge, en route to Halwill Junction for the last time.

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