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New President of Bideford Rotary Club, Mr W T Braddick

New President of Bideford Rotary Club, 1940

At Thursday's luncheon of Bideford Rotary Club, Mr W T Braddick, who for the last six years has been hon. secretary of the Club commenced his term of office as president in succession to Mr M F Lee.
Few can have been so closely associated, and for such a long time, with local government and other administrative spheres in Bideford and district than Mr Braddick, For over forty years he has been collector of rates for Bideford, a position he still holds. For thirty-five years he was collector of income tax for Bideford and from 1911 until a few years ago he was branch manager of the Bideford office of the Ministry of Labour. For many years he did newspaper correspondence work and, during the last war, he was secretary of the the North Devon War Agricultural Committee for a considerable time. He is senior deacon and secretary of Lavington Congregational Church, Bideford, and for some years has been secretary of the Bideford District Free Church Council. In earlier years he took a prominent part in local sporting organisations particularly the original Bideford Cycling Club and Bideford Swimming Club.


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