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Prized place in the picture and cuttings book of Appledore Michael Roberts is a photograph which shows him in party mood with England soccer stars Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst.

1973 Michael Roberts Appledore

It is one of the many tangible memories he has of what will be for him an unforgettable period of his life when he was lead singer for a group which played to big crowds in Brighton and London.
Now Michael, who is married with three young daughters, is back working in the shipyard at Appledore, his career as a professional singer over. ‘But it was good while it lasted’ he says.
He started singing with a Bideford group, the Heartbeats, who later changed their name to the Mysterymen, but it was after he moved from Appledore to HM Dockyard at Devonport to work that his reputation as a singer started to grow. The South Devon based group, the Pleasure Men, of which he was a member, was spotted by a London agent and signed on contract, and they spent the 1969 summer season at the popular Dixieland Palace at Brighton on the same bill as Harry Roy and his band.
The full Gazette article is dated 5 January 1

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