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The funeral has taken place at the Higher Cemetary, Bideford, of Mrs Gladys Nance-Kivell of Homealong, Kingsley Road, Bideford, wife of Mr Leonard Nance-Kivell.

1972 Mrs Nance Kivell funeral

Before her retirement in 1971 Mrs Nance-Kivell had been associated with the gloving industry for over 50 years.For 24 years she was the manageress of Messrs Sudbury’s Appledore factory. 

The Rev Walter J Joyce officiated at the service. Immediate mourners attending were: the husband, Mr Victor Harvey, Mr David Harvey , Miss Louie Squire, Mr George Rumsam, Mr A Smale, Mr and Mrs T Nance-Kivell, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Nance-Kivell, Mr and Mrs G Prouse, Mr and Mrs S Moore, Mr and Mrs W Boundy, Mr and Mrs H Nance-Kivell, Mr B Nance-Kivell, Mr and Mrs B Smale, Mr and Mrs S Brown. Unable to attend were: Mrs V Harvey; Mrs D Harvey.
Bearers were Messrs S Harris, A Balsdon, H Daw, A Poole, A Parsons and J Walter.
Representing Sudbury Gloves Ltd were: Mr R E Day, Mr R E Sawtell, Miss B Tatem, Mrs A Tucker, Mrs M Bond, Mrs B Evans, Mrs B Mortimore, Mr R G Halbert (also representing Mr F I Spry), Mrs M Kryczka.
Others attending included: Mr and Mrs W Cann, Mr and Mrs S R Hearn, Mr and Mrs F J Walters, Mr and Mrs S M Hill, Mr and Mrs J Walters, Mr and Mrs Pascoe, Mr and Mrs W Axford, Mr and Mrs J Andrew, Mr and Mrs T Heal, Mr and Mrs Spry, Pastor G J Hacker (representing Bideford Town Mission), Pastor C C Capener, Messrs R E Poole, B Beer, A Davey, O Andrew, H Bailey, W H Axford, R Risdon, H and M Allin, Mesdames A Poole, A J Hearn, Beavis, I Hearn, J Davis, A Balsdon, R Balls, H Bewes, S Luxton, S Harris, L Hockin, Lake, R Axford, E Heard, H Heal, Misses L Richards, K Trewin, O Parkhouse.
Flowers were: in ever loving member of my dear wife Gladys from Leonard; brother Vic and Percy; David, Hazel and family; Louie; L and B Smale, Ruth, Fred and family; Rene Burnard and family; Arthur, Ruth and family; Lawrence and Millie; Stan, Mary, Will and Edith; Edith and Betty; Tom and Winnie; Barbara and Bill; A H Gooding; Greta and Fred; Stan and Sylvia Nance-Kivell; Albert and Flo; F and J Walters; Dick, Elsie and Henry Wonnacott; E and G Wrey; Mrs M Poole; Mr and Mrs M Johns; Pamela and Marilyn; Mr and Mrs B A’Court; Capt and Mrs Steptoe and family; directors of Sudburys; officers and members of the IOR North Devon district; Wesleyan Reform Union; friends at Sudburys (Appledore); friends at Sudbury’s (Bideford); staff of Polypress; L and W Cann.
Full article is dated 10 November 1972

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