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The last train to carry passengers both ways on the Barnstaple-Torrington route will leave Torrington for Bideford at 7.45pm and Bideford for Barnstaple at 7.54pm tomorrow.

October 1965 last train

Although a train leaves Barnstaple at 9.40pm and Bideford for Torrington at 9.58, it returns from Torrington empty. The occasion will not pass unmarked.
The Mayor of Bideford, Mrs Ethelwynne Brown, will be on the station to say farewell to the 7.54pm train. The occasion, she pointed to the Gazette, was certainly not one for celebration. ‘But the least I can do as Mayor is to thank the staff for past services for which we have been so glad for very many years’.
The closure of the line to passenger traffic means that at Bideford two booking clerks and four porters will lose their jobs. But an assurance has been given to Mr Peter Mills, MP, for Torrington, that they will be helped to find new situations. It has come from Mr C Hankins, divisional manager of British Rail’s Western Region. He says he is disappointed to hear that members of the railway staff at Bideford are concerned about the attitude of British Rail towards redundancy. And he pledges that every effort will be made to ‘assist our unfortunate colleagues’ who are made redundant. Every possible vacancy has been held for months in the hope that the redundant staff will have alternative jobs offered to them.
The Bideford staff will receive notice, together with offers of alternative employment, during the coming week.
Mr Mills commented: ‘Redundancy is a big problem in areas like Bideford, but it is comforting to know that everything possible is being done for these men’.

Gazette article dated 1 October 1965

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