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45 years with the Royal North Devon

1938 Shutt

Golfers in several lands will read with interest and affection that Mr Jack Shutt, described as ‘the genial dictator of the caddie world’ has just retired from the position of caddie master at the Royal North Devon Golf Club. His retirement means that the Royal North Devon Club loses the services of the last of a great triumvirate. There was Mr C Gibson the professional, who died in 1932 at the age of 71, after 44 years work for the Club, Mr Philip Andrews who retired from the stewardship, the same year, after 56 years of faithful service, and is still happily with us, at the age of 74. Now Mr J Shutt, after 45 years service, is to seek well earned quiet enjoyment of retirement. He has with him the good wishes and appreciation of hundreds of golfers.
In his own line, Mr Shutt is a real outstanding personality in golf with a marvellous memory for faces and without a doubt a store of golfing experiences, and of which it is hoped to hear more in the future.
In the days when only boys carried clubs, he sometimes found it necessary to curb the defaulters with a taste of practical discipline and in his office to this day are canes with which he dealt summary punishment. Times have changed all this, but it seems that ‘Jack’ still regards such chastisement as a great improver. So many more clubs and other accessories do some golfers carry about with them nowadays that small boys are no longer so suitable or capable of carrying, especially round such a course as the Royal North Devon of four miles at least.
Born at Appledore, Mr Shutt has always lived in the parish, and for many years has been at the Square, Northam. He spent his earlier years on a farm, then was appointed to the links as a greensman, and finally to the caddies office. He has worked under eleven secretaries of the Club.
Unfortunately during the last fortnight he has been ill, but his many friends will be pleased to hear that he is getting about once again. It is hoped to see him hale and hearty with a cheery greeting and, who knows, trying to reduce his handicap on the Burrows as his health mends.
He is succeeded as caddie master by Mr S Ley.

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