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Bideford branch of the Devonshire Association was inaugurated at a public meeting at Bideford Town Hall on Wednesday evening, April 25th.

1951 Mr Inkerman Rogers

Mr Inkerman Rogers being unanimously elected President.
Com. A W B Messenger, of Bideford, President-elect of the Devonshire Association and President of the North Devon branch, presided over the early part of the meeting until the election of Mr Rogers.
Proposing Mr Roger’s election, Mr R Harper said there was no-one more suitable for the office. Seconding, Mr Vernon Boyle said nothing gave him greater pleasure “I have been, in a way, one of his pupils and he has been mentor and adviser to a great many of us and encouraged interest in and love for natural beauty as well as learning” continued Mr Boyle, “I suggest Mr Rogers is a model of a citizen with wide and many interests which do not clash at all, and that, of course, is in keeping with the aims of the Devonshire Association, which is to encourage science, art and literature.”
Acknowledging, Mr Rogers said he deeply appreciated the great honour accorded him. He hoped their branch would be a complete success.
He then gave an address on Bideford Manor Court and its procedure during Saxon and early Norman periods. The origin of the Manor, he said, was still involved in considerable obscurity, but he revealed very many interesting facts of the periods which were the special subject of his address, and later. The Manorial rights were for over 700 years held by the Grenville family and then by the Cleveland family before being purchased by the Corporation, who continued to hold them.
Mr Rogers said very unfortunately the Manorial Rolls of Bideford had not been found. Manorial Rolls were extremely valuable documents and it was to be regretted that they had not to any great extent found their way into our great national depositories except in the case of the Public Records Office.
Thanks to Mr Rogers were voiced on behalf of the branch by Mr V Boyle.

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