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The Late Sir W Reardon-Smith

Sir W Reardon Smith

As was briefly reporting in our last issue, the ashes of Sir Willie Reardon-Smith, one of Britain’s leading ship owners and a benefactor of his native Appledore, were scattered on December 14th in the sea off the Bar Buoy, in accordance with his wish. The ashes were conveyed to the Buoy, in a strong north-east wind, by Appledore lifeboat, the Violet Armstrong, under Coxswain S Cann, which left from the Quay.
Mr C H Ash, secretary on behalf of the Appledore branch of the RNLI met the funeral party.
The service, which was a shortened form of the ordinary funeral service, was conducted by Rev A R Richards, of the Seamen’s Mission, Appledore, who took the committal and led in the Lord’s Prayer while Mr H Ford (who is chairman of Northam Urban District Council) scattered the ashes. The Vicar conveyed to the new baronet and family the sympathy of all at Appledore in their bereavement. As the lifeboat passed the coastguard station at Westward Ho! on the outward journey, their flag was dipped as a token of respect for Sir Willie. The flag of the Sailors’ Rest, in which the late baronet had been keenly
interested, was also at half-mast, as were other flags.
Among those present on board the lifeboat were Sir William Reardon Smith, Bart, son: Rev H C A S Muller, Rev A R Richards, Lt-Col V Lewis, Mr H Ford, Mr W Bailey, Mr P Rees, who had served in the late Sir W Reardon Smith’s ships, Messrs G Heywood, W Bond, Neal, C Ford. The crew of the lifeboat consisted of Messrs S Cann, R Cann, F Tatem, W Edwards, J Hooper, W Bowden, R H Cann and W Cann.
Sir William thanked the crew and all others who had taken part in the ceremony. Before leaving for Cardiff he visited his late father’s kinswoman, Miss M Hamlyn. While at Appledore he greeted a number of old family friends.

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