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July 19th is a date that will definitely not be forgotten by the employees of James Tapscott and Sons Ltd, for it brought their annual outing, which surpassed even all their previous outings and parties.

1947 Glove employees go down the river

Four Southern National coaches left Bideford Quay at 7.30am with the Bideford employees and proceeded to Torrington where the main party were all waiting. Everyone helped to take aboard the refreshments for the journey, the final start being made just after 8 o’clock, Proceeding through Hatherleigh, Okehampton, Moreton Hampstead to Bovey Tracey, where a short stop was made for light refreshments, the party then continued through Newton Abbot, arriving at Totnes at 11 o’clock where they were greeted by the siren of the steamer chartered specially to take them down the River Dart. In next to no time everyone was aboard and started, much to the envy of the large queue which was waiting for the service steamer. At the suggestion of one of the directors, Mr C Ebsworthy, the Captain very kindly handed over to his second-in-command, and gave a most interesting running commentary on all the
places of interest on the banks of this ‘English Rhine’ as this beautiful river is so often called.
Dartmouth was reached at 12.30 where a really marvellous lunch was enjoyed by all, including the drivers, who had proceeded by road. After a short interval for shopping the party continued the journey across the ferry. By now the sun had really ‘got his hat off’ and sunshine roofs were opened for the lovely drive via Paignton, Torquay, Teignmouth to Dawlish by 4.30. At 5.30 a delicious high tea was enjoyed by the whole party. At the conclusion of the meal,
Mr G B Clark, on behalf of the employees, expressed grateful thanks to the directors for their generosity; to the office staff for making all the arrangements; and to Mr Ebsworthy for touring the ground beforehand.
Departing from Dawlish about 6.30, a delightful drive to Exeter included among the sights a fine view of Powderham Castle and the deer in the Park. The coaches arrived at Exeter in time for the 7.45 performance at the Theatre Royal of a variety show, included in the programme of which were Bertha Wilmott and the two Leslies, who welcomed the party from the stage.
It was now getting near the end of a very perfect day and darkness was falling under a sky of oriental beauty as the coaches wended their way home from Exeter. One last stop for the directors to entertain everyone to a picnic supper, and then ‘All aboard for home’.
A fact that gave great happiness and pleasure to all concerned was the presence at the outing of the managing director, Mr N Kither, who has come to be held in great esteem and affection by all the employees. 

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