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"Shiver my Timbers - What Next?" 20th November 1953

shiver my timbersFor 90 years, the three masted schooner 'Sedwell Jane' has held the honour of having been the largest and longest vessel ever launched above Bideford  Bridge. 

Messrs M W Blackmore and Sons, Bideford will be launching the largest vessel so far from their yard.  An inshore minesweeper to be known as HMS Broadley, whe will be named by Mrs Durnford-Slater, wife of Rear-Admiral L F Durnford-Slater, of "Landfall" Instow, who is Deputy Controller of the Navy.

The Sedwell Jane was built at Sea Locks, at the terminus of the old Rolle Canal at Weare Giffard, in 1868, Messrs Richard Pickard and John Leonard, the builders, built her to deck height, and then Mr Wm. Leonard of New Road, Bideford took her through the bridge to the bottom of Bridgeland Street where her masts were stepped in and her construction completed.

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