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'Pirate spirit' goes 'down the hatch' 16th June 1950

Pirate spirit goes down the hatchPirates were taking the Treasure Island film ship Hispaniola on her last voyage from Appledore to Scarborough where the ship will become part of the town's maritime display.  The Hispaniola was commended by Lieut Commander S Gorrell and manned by 2 Appledore seamen, Messrs E Bignell and Kelly Eastman, and a number of amateur sailors, Messrs W Glover, S Sanders, T R Davies and Wing Commander Johnson.

At Scarborough Mrs Pat Pulleyn, wife of the Chairman of Scarborough Harbour Committee, was first on board.  A mayoral reception was accorded the crew and among those present were Lee Savold (who was then in Scarborough preparing for his fight with Bruce Woodcock), Jimmy Wilde and Nat Fleischer.

Mr Ernest Bignell was met on his arrival by his siter, Mrs J Parkin.

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