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Many congratulations have been extended to Mr and Mrs F Wilkey, of Glen Eden, Westward Ho! who on Wednesday celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

28 September 1951 Wilkey Westward Ho!

For thirty-five years Mr Wilkey was a member of Northam Urban District Council and he was Chairman in 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1941. His public services were recognised by the award of a Silver Jubilee Medal in 1935. He is a past president of Northam and Westward Ho! Chamber of Commerce, which he helped to found. For forty years he has been secretary of Northam Burrows Committee. Mr and Mrs Wilkey were married at Barnstaple Parish Church. Mr Wilkey is a native of Shirwell; his wife, who was a Miss Griffey before marriage, was born at Northam. They have lived at Northam and Westward Ho! for over fifty years. Mr Wilkey farmed Venton, Westward Ho! for some years and carried on a dairy business before his retirement. He joined the Royal North Devon Yeomanry in 1891 and served under command of the late Sir Arthur Chichester, of Youlstone Park, and the present Earl Fortescue’s late father. Mr and Mrs Wilkey have a son and three daughters, ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

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