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The Rev S Weaver, who has been the Rector of Instow for the past three years, died suddenly on Tuesday evening in the garden of Marine Cottage, Instow, while visiting Bishop Harmer, formerly Bishop of Rochester, who resides there.

21 October 1941 Reverend Weaver of Instow

His sudden passing was a great shock to the man friends he had made in Instow and district. Rev S Weaver was 59. He leaves a widow.

Cremation took place at Plymouth. On Friday afternoon a memorial service was held at Instow Parish Church, the flag of which was flown at half mast. The memorial service was conducted by the Dean Rural Rev J C Mitchell, who was assisted by the following robed clergy: Rev J H Phillips, Rev F W Germon, Rev R P Neill (Fremington), and Rev F W Bodger (Westleigh). Mr C E Tucker presided at the organ. Among those present was a contingent of the military, Miss Belshaw (representing Mr John Christie), Bishop Harmer, Mrs Harmer, Miss Adeline Harmer and Mrs Robert Banner (Marine Cottage, Instow); Rev R A B Chambers (representing the Rector of Bideford, Rev Preb W N Manning), Rev H C A S Muller (Vicar of Appledore), Rev H P D Pinhey (Vicar of Northam), Rev M Rycroft (Assistant Priest at Northam), Rev H de C Stevens-Guille, Rev J H Prince, Rev C G Powell (Rector of Horwood with Newton Tracey), Mr Rose (representing Instow Home Guard), Capt Johnson (representing Rear-Admiral H G C Franklin, RNO, Appledore), Mrs Cathcart (Quartermaster, Devon 72, representing Instow Red Cross), Mrs Longhurst (representing Instow WVS); Mrs O Moore, Miss O Pidler and Miss Kent (representing Instow Church choir); Mr A R Dobbs (representing Mr R W Way, head teacher, teachers and scholars of the Instow Council School), Police Constables Mist and Butt (Instow), and Sergt T Anstey (Special Constabulary), Major and Mrs Spragge, Capt and Mrs Leach, Capt and Mrs Johnson, Mr and Mrs Whitchard, Mr and Mrs A V Pedlar, Mr and Mrs S Parkhouse, Mr and Mrs Bone, Mr and Mrs Robert Tritton, Mr and Mrs Rose, Messrs Peters, Spindler, A P Cummings, M T Molland, C Pedlar, H and P May, F J Greening, H Yeo jnr. P Smallridge, H B Smallcorn, Colonel Hawkins, Colonel Gamble, Colonel Evatt, Messrs Leigh-Ibbs, Blatchely, J W Hyde, W Leaworthy, J T Dark, Capt F Dark, Messrs G Staddon, Sydney N Dawson, Lady Renshaw, Mesdames Wickham, Miller, Rodd, Staddon, O’Brien, Justin Rees, H Cox, Dawney, Jordan, Pope, W Braunton, W Smallridge, Arbuthnott, Ker, Bradshaw, J Barrett, Parker , Milne, E Jarvis, J Duck, Simmonds, Critchley-Salmonson, May, O Giddy, G Rendall, Gray, J Martin, Kent, A C Smith, Howman, Kavanagh, C G Powell, Somers-Cocks, Noel-Roberts, T Anstey, Kelland, Foorad, Yates, Batterbury, Frayne, J W Mulrock, Symons, Ebsworthy, Barfood, Aldridge, Misses Bainton, Cross, Dawson, Martin, Wynne, Burton, Wells, Howden, Clarke, Nancekivell, P O’Brien, Berry-Torr.

21 October 1941 Reverend Weaver Instow

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