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Warm tributes were paid to Ald Frank E Whiting’s unbroken period of 31 years service on Bideford Town Council, when, at Monday’s meeting of the Council, he announced his decision to retire.

14 March 1958 Frank E Whiting

Members of the Council and official stood and enthusiastically applauded Ald Whiting, who is 74, as he left the Council Chamber on tendering his resignation. Announcing his decision Ald Whiting commented: ‘I do want to make it perfectly clear that my resignation has in no way come as a result of disagreement or difference of opinion with the Council’. The sole reason, he emphasised, was his age, ‘I realise that my reactions are slowing down; he said. After stating that he thought Council work in the future would be more difficult and strenuous, Ald Whiting said the lack of interest shown by electors at local government elections was deplorable. He felt there was room on the Council for another woman member. Paying a tribute to Ald Whiting, the Mayor (Mr E D Williams) said he had served the town ‘faithfully and well’. He added ‘The advice had has been able to give to the Council on various matters had been invaluable’. Ald Whiting, said the Mayor, had done his utmost to serve his fellow citizens to the best of his ability.

Further tributes were paid by Alds W H Chubb and T A Goaman, Cllr Mrs E M Cox and the Town Clerk, Mr F C Backway. The meeting decided to place on record the Council’s appreciated of Ald Whiting’s services.


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