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Mr C T Wesley, Senior

3 May.1938 Mr C T Wesley Senior retires from Bideford Railway

After nearly half a century’s work in connection with the railway, Mr  C T Wesley, of Alton, Alexandra Terrace, Bideford, retired on Saturday from the position of senior good clerk at the Bideford South Railway Station, having reached the age limit of sixty. Well-known and highly respected by Bidefordians, Mr Wesley has been at Bideford for close on 27 years, actually coming to North Devon, in August 1911 as goods clerk, on what was then the London and South Western Railway. Born at Southwick, near Portsmouth, Hampshire, Mr Wesley joined the railway staff in the audit office at Waterloo Station in 1893. He remained there only two years and then went over to the goods side, his first appointment being at Farnham, Surrey, where he was for about five years, and where he met his wife, formerly Miss Vicary, who a native of that place. From Farnham he came nearer to Devon, namely at Chard, Somerset, remaining there for three years, before going to Windsor for two years, to Alton (after which is house is named) for six years and finally to Bideford. The time spent at Bideford has proved very happy for Mr and Mrs Wesley, so much so that in their retirement they will live on here among the many friends they have made during their twenty-seven years sojourn in the Torridge district. Apart from his work on the railway, Mr Wesley’s chief interest has been in the North Road Gospel Hall, of which he has been a member ever since coming to the town. He was connected with similar places of worship in the other districts in which he was stationed. To revert to is railway work. When asked if he had seen many strange ‘goods’ during his career as goods clerk, Mr Wesley replied that so many strange loads were dealt with that one got used to them so that they became no longer strange! Mr Wesley’s son, Mr Victor Wesley, who is married, is also connected with the railway, and is employed in the divisional superintendent’s office at Southampton. There is also a daughter who lives at Bideford. His many friends, pleased to hear than in his retirement he will remain with them, will join in extending to Mr Wesley their best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

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