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In Bideford and Torrington, as in other parts of the country, sirens are being brought into use again, this time for summoning part time members of the National Fire Service to report for duty.

5.6.1945 sirens

This has been found to be a most valuable method of conveying an immediate general call to firemen in time of emergency. only the ‘All clear’ note will be sounded. There will be none of the ‘wailing’ that was associated for so many years with imminent danger from enemy air attacks.

Bideford was one of the places where such a warning system was operative before the war. Torrington previously used maroons for this purpose but is now changing over to conform to the general rule.

For the most part, the sirens will be used in the daytime only; it may be necessary to use them at night in certain places, at any rate until it is possible to have the customary call bells installed in the firemen’s homes, but it is extremely unlikely that the siren call will be heard at night where there is a fully-staffed National Fire Service Headquarters. Only a breakdown in the usual form of communication would necessitate such a step.

Gazette article dated 5 June 1945

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