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Bideford Tradesmen Provide For All Wants

Elections come and elections go, but every twelve months brings round Christmas, with its festivities and its gift making. Each year the Bideford tradesmen, who provide for all possible wants, seem to excel themselves, as a run round the town will quickly show.


Messrs Merefield & Trapnell, one of the oldest established, as certainly one of the most high-class establishments in North Devon, have an elaborate display of silks and drapery goods suitable for the season. Their show rooms are replete with everything which is to be expected in a high-class establishment of this kind. 

Messrs Squire & Son have a splendid gold and silver demonstration at 12 High Street. This firm is known for its wide range of the most up-to-date stock to suit all buyers, and the present display of jewelled and other rings, gold bracelets, watches, and handsome articles of all kinds for presents will well repay a special inspection. Everything is of the best, and at prices which will compare with quotations from any house in the country. As manufacturing jewellers and silversmiths, Messrs Squire keep a staff of expert workmen, and all matters entrusted to them are dealt with promptly and receive the best possible attention.

Messrs R Yeo & Son, 71 High Street, and Porthill Nurseries, are, as usual to the fore with ample provision of grapes, apples, oranges, figs and nuts, and make a display to tickle the palate of an epicure. Christmas trees, holly and mistletoe for decorations are also supplied here in the best of condition. 

Mr Frank Trapnell, tailor and outfitter, 19 High Street, for the Christmas trade offers excellent value in special lines in gentlemen’s goods for the season. Messrs Dawe & Son, in High Street have an enviable reputation for the highest quality goods at all times, and just now nothing is lacking for the fashionable seasonable party, from the choicest wines to the most toothsome of provisions. A large portion of space is devoted to peculiarly Christmas requirements. New chocolates in charming boxes, tins, and baskets, cosaques in immense variety and entirely new designs, the choicest dessert and crystalized fruits – these are among the many specialities to be seen. 

Christmas is pre-eminently the season for music, and at J T White’s, 77 High Street, there is a splendid lot of instruments from the finest pianos and organs downwards. The great development is talking machines has come in for much attention, and gramophones and phonographs are shewn in great variety. There is a splendid selection of the latest music.
Always attractive, and a house for value for money, Mr W H Chope’s establishment is made additionally so this season by a bright display of ball dresses, fancy aprons, handkerchiefs, gloves, tea cosies, etc. and numerous and choice articles for the festive season. 

H I Meredith (opposite the Post Office) makes a speciality of brass and copper art metal work for Christmas presents, and there are on display some exquisite designs. Cutlery and electro-plated goods form a large portion of a very attractive stock, while the selection of toys is an extensive as it is unique. 

Messrs Cowee & Son have always had the reputation of having the latest and smartest in everything in the drapery line, and for high-class millinery and tailor-made costumes. It suffices to say that that well-deserved reputation is even more than maintained. 

Messrs Caleb Squire & Son, 76 High Street, have their depot filled with charming specimens in prints, cards, and other articles, of which there is infinite variety. All that is genuine in art has a place, and people desiring the best specimens suitable for seasonable gifts cannot do better than make a call. This is the Bideford agency also for the celebrated Royal Barum Ware, always an appropriate present from Devon, and retailed here at the same prices as at the Pottery. 

Amongst the most attractive shops in the main streets of both Bideford and Barnstaple, Brook’s takes a high place. Eleven gold and silver medals at leading exhibitions testify to the position of honour occupied by this firm in the confectionery world. Many specialities are made by the firm for Christmas, but the palm may be awarded to the Christmas cakes, plum puddings, mince meat, and mince pies, which are of the finest quality. 

Mr William Talbot (late J W Couldridge), importer and bonder of wines and spirits, ale and stout merchant, High-street, has a high reputation for those beverages which appeal especially to one at this time of the year, and in wishing “A Happy Christmas to All” invites with confidence an order for a selection of “Ye Olde Xmas Cheers”. Mr Talbot is bottling agent for Bideford and district of the celebrated Worthington ales. Mr A Clements, 74 High Street, has a large stock of seasonable goods and a variety of useful and fancy articles for presents. Their windows are quite an attraction, the stock is large enough for the most critical selection, and the prices are always right.  

At Farleigh’s stores, 82 High-street, the quality of the goods is par excellence. The Christmas fare is especially attractive and the newest fruits in infinite variety are temptingly displayed, crystallised fruits being a strong feature. The various departments are quite up-to-date, and the stock of provisions is calculated to satisfy the requirements of every connoisseur at prices to suite the pockets of all. 

Messrs Wyatt & Son, who are making a speciality in first class millinery, are shewing a large and well-selected stock of fancy blouses, lace collarettes, handkerchiefs, aprons and fancy goods suitable for the Christmas trade. 

The business carried on by Messrs Stephens, Brain & Co, ironmongers, has been established over 100 years. They provide, as usual, the very necessary concomitant to cold weather, in a useful range of heating stoves, etc, and in regard to lighting requirements the firm are equal to any demand. There is also a good range of cutlery and many useful presents. 

The high quality of the wines and spirits supplied by Mr W J Ridge, of 70 High Street, is too well known to need any further recommendation. This is the house for the Anglo-Bavarian ales and the celebrated blends of Old Scotch, ‘Monopole’ and ‘Dew of the Highlands’ can only be obtained from Mr Ridge, who is the sole proprietor. 

Mr Gerrish, MPS, dispensing chemist, the Quay, are not to be outdone in their stock of hair brushes, sprays, toilet bottles of cut glass, manicures, sachets, etc. which make elegant and useful presents. They have a fine selection of choice perfumes and every article essential to the perfect toilet and make a speciality of photographic materials. Messrs Jenkins & Son, silversmiths, watchmakers, jewellers and opticians and dealers in antiques are making a feature of an up-to-date stock of gold and silver novelties for Christmas and New Year presents at popular prices. The wedding and engagement rings are splendid value. 

In the old-established house of Mr George Boyle, the well know draper, outfitter, etc. at 2 and 4 High Street, special preparations have been made to meet the varying demands of the Xmas trade. Articles of apparel are really good useful presents in all cases, and no establishment in Bideford has a wider or better range of goods of this description. In ties, hats and hosiery there is unlimited store. In addition to these things, for the Christmas Mr Boyle has provided a wide selection of fancy articles. 

Messrs Sydney Harper & Son, 11 High Street, bookseller, etc, are showing a large selection of fountain pens and fancy stationery and a very attractive assortment of useful and up-to-date presents for Xmas and the New Year. Mr G W Fluck, 15 and 16 High Street, has a large assortment of books, cards and other articles suitable for presents, including self-filling fountain pens at 3s 9d, and a special assortment of silver, copper and brass goods. At 7 High-street, (adjoining Lloyd’s Bank), E Grimes & Co, being cash buyers, offer grand value in their various departments as gold and silver-smiths, watch and clock makers and opticians. Their special selection of novelties makes a superb display. Bright and beautiful, some very choice articles in the shape of silver and plated goods are to be seen, while the number of their gold and gem trinkets is legion, and the prices quotes are exceedingly moderate.


At Tattersill’s Stores, in Market Place, High Street, Grenville Street and Mill Street, the great point is quality at moderate prices. The variety of goods stocked and the prices will bear comparison with any of the West of England. The firm acknowledges only one quality – the best; and it is this fact which has built up such an extensive connection. In addition to groceries which are absolutely necessary in a household Tattersill’s Stores contain a huge stock of delicacies, such as chocolates, crystallized fruits, cheeses, biscuits, coffees and teas of special blend, bottled perfumes, sweetmeats and beverages. 

One of the most enterprising firms in the town is that of Messrs Heywood, Son, and Heywood, and the four large windows in Grenville Street, and the two in the Market Square, are fitted with goods eminently suited for the present season. The firm’s reputation in the matter of drapery and millinery is very widely known and needs no eulogy. The windows will show some of the pretty patterns of good stocked, and any and everything that a lady or girl wants by way of personal adornment may be obtained there. Messrs Brown & Heywood, ladies and gentlemens tailors, have a large and always increasing list of patrons – an evidence in itself that the firm can be implicitly relied upon to give the closest attention to detail in all orders entrusted to them. Ties, hosiery, rugs, etc, make a useful list from which to choose some serviceable presents. 

Messrs Coles & Lee, at the Office of the “Bideford Gazette” in Grenville Street, have catered handsomely for all the Christmas and New Year wants of the public in stationery, printing, cards, fountain pens, and the very latest in all styles of purses, leather goods of the best makers, and novelties. In cards and calendars all the latest designs are stocked and priced at the lowest figures. Most acceptable presents are to be found among their well-assorted stock of fancy goods, services, purses, and useful presents.  

Mr F A Bishop, of Market Place and Bridge-street, is an expert in up-to-date house furnishing. An inspection of his large and varied stock will reveal the fact that no effort has been spared to suit the demands of all classes of customers. Some tastefully designed and well-made suites, suggestive at once of comfort, elegance and durability, are to be had here on moderate terms. Messrs Sanguine & Son, of Grenville Street, is one of the oldest firms of boot and shoe makers in Bideford, having a sound reputation. Just now the windows are dressed out with a choice assortment of ladies’ and gentlemen’s dress shoes suitable for Christmas parties, house shoes, etc. 

Mr W D Joce, whose old established premises are at the High-street Corner of Grenville-street, has a reputation to be envied for fine sparkling dinner ales, put in in Imperial pints. Mr Joce is the sole agent for Roger’s celebrated ales. 

There are boots and boots, but the boots you get at E Luxton’s, 2 Market Square, are real good, genuine, well wearing products, that keep their shape and keep your understandings snug and dry on the wettest, dreariest day imaginable. His is a value for money shop out and out. Handmade work is a speciality and repairs are promptly executed. 

Mr G H Pickard, butcher and purveyor, of Market Place, has secured a very find selection of prime ox and heifer beef, choice mutton and dairy fed pork. 

Mr Arthur W Bennett, general furnishing and builders’ ironmonger, at Market Place, has laid in a good store of table cutlery, lamps, electro-plated, copper, tin, enamelled, and galvanised goods. From his large assortment, many suitable Christmas presents may be chosen. Cartridges and mantles of all makers are in stock. 

Mr George Lang (Grenville Street) is just ready to frame that picture of yours in a frame that picture of yours in a frame that will set it off to the best advantage, cost you next to nothing, and put the finishing touch to the delightful appearance of your drawing room. That settee looks a little shabby, did you say? Mr Lang will attend to that, too. He is a cabinet maker and upholsterer, and if you want some useful articles of furniture as well, he has a nice little stock to select from.


Residents in this part of the borough can do a large part of their shopping at one establishment – that of Mr Charles P Ashton, of Trafalgar House. The family can be supplied by Mr Ashton with the choicest tea, the best groceries, all manner of Christmas fruits, Chiver’s mincemeat and Christmas puddings, Christmas crackers, besides W and A Gilbey’s wines and spirits, and Stone’s and Carter’s British wines. All Mr Ashton’s goods are of the choicest quality, and at the lowest prices.


Mr Robert Yeo, of Manchester House, has decked his extensive windows in a very effective manner. He claims, and rightly claims, that his goods are the very newest, and of unbeatable value. There are garments for children, for girls and for women in great variety. Some of them have been enumerated in his advertisements in our columns, but there are many more bargains than can be named. An inspection will disclose them. Mr R A Braund has always maintained a high standard for quality, fit and all round excellence, and makes all classes of footwear promptly to order. 

As might be expected, the well established firm of Galliford’s, 10 Mill Street, and at Westward Ho! is not lacking in Christmas show. The rich fruit cake, almond iced and decorated, at 1s per lb, and delicious Christmas prize medal pudding are among the seasonable specialities. 

Mr F C Perkins, Dulce Domum Flower and Fruit Depot, Mill Street, has daily a fresh supply of cut-flowers, and is now showing a choice selection of English and foreign fruits to grace the festive boards. 

Mr H Watts, saddler and harness maker, No 2 North Road, gives all order prompt and personal attention. Mr W Short, 41 Mill-street, makes a point of obliging customers, regardless of trouble. Good taste is conspicuous in the arrangement of the windows, and the stock here displayed includes mufflers, scarves, gloves, ties, fancy waistcoats, and a host of the newest things in men’s wear, and most acceptable presents. Mr F Karslake, London House, Mill-street, is making a display of fancy goods in addition to the drapery and millinery for which he is so well-known. Frames, fancy bottles, scents, and many other little ornaments are on exhibition, and all kinds of draperies, handkerchiefs, etc, suitable for presents. 

At 33 Mill Street, Mr Dennis Andrew, family butcher and purveyor, has his usual large Christmas supply of prime ox and heifer beef, choice Exmoor wether mutton and dairy fed pork, all of the very best. 

Bright and attractive always, Mr Geo. L Ellis’s establishment at 46 Mill Street, is especially so at this season, when it has on view excellent samples of the confectioner’s art, and a splendid show of sweetmeats and other delicacies likely to receive special attention by the children as well as by adult persons. 

At Mr Herbert Ellis, tailor, of Mill Street – The Shop for Value – no difficulty should be experienced in selecting useful Christmas presents from the large and up-to-date stock, his new Christmas ties being a peculiarly large, varied and tasteful collection. Mr Ellis’s windows always repay inspection for those on the look-out for bargains. 

Braddick Bros. are, as usual, to the fore with the choicest beef, mutton and pork, as well as poultry. The Christmas dinner goes down with an especial relish when you know where it comes from, and what come from Braddick Bros can be relied upon as of the best. 

The establishment of Mr T Burrow, at 56a Mill-street, has been made even more attractive than usual, and that is saying a great deal. He has an extremely large and varied collection of silver and electro-plated goods, the very things for presents. At 31 Mill Street (telephone 1x5) Mr Hobart Braddick’s large and varied stock of modern and antique furniture attracts no little public notice. Those about to set up house-keeping, should bear in mind that Mr Braddick is a complete house furnisher – from the cradle to the drawing room suite. His reputation for baby carriages in unique. With Christmas and New Year Festivities, private theatricals and parties, the hairdresser and perfumier is in increased request, Mr C A’Court, of 1 Mill-street, has a reputation in these branches which needs no praise. 

At the Torridge Library (M and S Roskruge, Berlin House), the shop and showrooms are literally crammed full of toys of every description, and ladies will find many novelties in fancy goods, and useful and ornamental presents of all descriptions are presented in great variety. 

Mr Dennis, butcher and purveyor, 51a Mill Street, and 63 Meddon Street, asks with the confidence which merit instils for a continuance of the support of his patrons. He has a rare show of choicest beef and mutton, and his sausages have the highest reputation. A telephone message to 4x, Bideford, will receive prompt attention. J Rattenbury & So, “The People’s Grocers” are now showing in Mill-street a large assortment of Christmas specialities, including oranges, Muscatels, Almonds, Figs, Dates, Chocolates and Canned Fruits. Quality and cheapness are guaranteed. Phone 1x1. 

At Mr W J Young’s, Mill Street (formerly of Market Square) parents will have no difficulty in finding novelties in toy locomotives, magic lanterns, phonographs, musical boxes, etc, to delight the children. Mr Young has a most up-to-date stock of cameras and photographer’ requisites. Mr Young’s is also the house for proprietory medicines of all kinds. Miss Priscott’s establishment in Mill Street is always of wide interest to the ladies, for here are on view the very latest in millinery for ladies and children, and the sales afford exceptional opportunities for real bargains. Millinery is a speciality. 

Mr T Clarke’s produce is ever fresh and reliable. His experience in the poultry and allied businesses, makes him a safe guide and ‘corner house’ is always one of the most tempting in Mill Street. The London Central Meat Co’s premises in Mill Street are well stocked with carefully selected joints for the Christmas trade, and every requirement of customers is carefully considered. At Eastman’s the supply of meat is always appetising. This extensive firm sets itself out to supply Canterbury mutton, chilled beef, and English veal and pork of superior quality only. 

At Pedlar’s in Mill Street, fruiterer and confectioner, there is a capital Xmas Show, and the choice of boxed chocolates, crackers, fruit and nuts of the best, and various Xmas novelties is a large one. The growing importance of Mill street as a trading centre is emphasised by the smart emporium of E Stewart & Co, at No 52, where just now a specially large selection is shown of goods suitable for presents – gloves, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, fancy goods, ties, dolls, pinafores and whatnot. From the wide and varied stock choice can be made to suit all tastes.


At the ‘Bideford Cyclery’, 1 Allhalland Street, the notes North Devon cycles and sewing machine house, Mr C Williams has a special show which will repay inspection by prospective purchasers. The most reliable makes are on view, quite up-to-date, and plating enamelling, and all repairs receive careful and prompt attention. Mr Williams also hold the agency for some of the leading motor cycles. 

At 4 Allhalland street, Mr T Burrow is to the fore with a complete stock of really good wearing and reliable footwear. There are special lines in ‘ladies’ and gents’ hunting, and golfing boots, while choice is offered of a very large selection of evening party and dancing shoes in glazed kid and calf. 

Mr J S Braddick, butcher, Allhalland street for choice joints and good meat is sure to give satisfaction. He is making an especial display this season, and handles some of the very best products in the district. 

Mr E Northwood, the well know watchmaker and jeweller, of Meddon Street, has arranged his great sale of watches, clocks, jewellery, musical instruments, &c, at an opportune time. His window contains a splendid collection of ornamental jewellery, &c, which are marked down at very low prices. Dolls! The delight of children. It is claimed that the cheapest house in the town for dolls and toys is that of Mr W Wood, of Meddon Street. A selection from his stock would make any child happy. 

Messrs C T Morris & Son, of the Monumental and general stone works, Meddon Street, can be relied upon to carefully carry out all order entrusted to them in an efficient and economical manner. 

Messrs H and R Butler, of 14 Lower Meddon Street, and the Quay, have a name for pipes, cigars, cigarettes and tobaccos which is second to none in North Devon. Verb. Sap.
Mr W H Goodenough, of Meddon street, the bootwear specialist, invites attention to the exceptional opportunity which he has given to the public to secure bargains in boots, shoes, slippers, leggings, etc. 

Charles Braund and Co, painters, decorators and glaziers, carry a large stock of the latest in hangings and decorative designs.


Mr S R Chope’s, Buttgarden street, is a well known house in North Devon for saddlery, trunks and travelling bags and driving, hunting, polo and stable requisites of all descriptions.
Messrs T L Hamlyn & Son, decorators and designers, gold and silver medalists, have a high reputation for artistic and up-to-date room decorations, and their showrooms at 15 Buttgarden street will well repay an inspection.


Messrs O Nicklin & Son, of the Music Saloons, Bridgeland Street, have increased their already extensive business during the year. Their stock of pianos is a large one, and exceptional provision is made for the music loving public in the way of songs, piano and dance music. Messrs Nicklin make a point of only stocking pianos adapted to the North Devon climate.
In the highway of local motor traffic, Mr W H Elliott is at 7 Bridgeland Street, well situation for his business, and in combining motor agency and repairing with carriage building has a commendable appreciation of the trend of the times. Mr Elliott gives special attention to motor requirement, carefully charges accumulators, and keeps a full stock of numerous accessories which this class of locomotion demands. He has also laid himself out and is specially prepared for the supply of rubber tyres for carriages, and has introduced machines for setting steel channels and fixing the tyres.


At Puddicombe’s, the Electric Studio, The Strand, where the reputation as skilled exponents of the photographic art needs no eulogy, a speciality is again made this year of the production of photos as Christmas and New Year’s cards, than which nothing could be more acceptable to friends at a distance. Excellent lines in other gifts include silver frames, and rolled gold miniature rims and charms in great variety.


Messrs Perkins & Son, fruiterers and florists, excel in their Christmas display. During the festive season they have arranged to supply fresh cut flowers and decorations at the shortest notice, and have provided a stock of English and foreign fruits. 

It seems more than likely that recent developments along the Quay foreshadow the time when this will become one of the important business thoroughfares of the borough from a shopkeepers’ point of view. One by one private residences are giving place to business houses, and one of the latest changes is at Hopson’s where there is an exceedingly choice display of sweets and confectionary for the Xmas season of the very highest quality.


At East-the-Water, Lime Grove and the Rope Walk, the purchasers of Xmas goods will find their patronage as well esteemed as in other parts of the borough. 

At the Bideford Motor Works, just at East-the-Water end of the Bridge, Mr Walter J Pitt (successor to Messrs Emery and Cox) automobile and general engineer, has a roomy and up to date garage, with excellently equipped repair works which enable him to undertake any motor engineering matter with confidence. Clients will find the advantage his experience and advice of the utmost value. Powerful cars are on hire and of tubes, tyres and accessories, there is always a complete stock. Mr Pitt is the sole agent for North Devon for the famous Maudslay cars. 

The firm of R Barrow & Sons (established since 1861), well maintains its high favour as pure beer brewers from malt and hops only. 

What is home without a fire, in the winter time at all events? But you must have good fuel and I Baker & Son are waiting to supply you from the Brunswick Wharf. Mr Tom Pollard is also seeing to it that Bideford runs no risk of being short of ‘black diamonds’ this winter and a good store of the best quality will be found at his wharf.

From Moor Park Dairy, Sentry Corner, Bideford, Mr T Coull, supplies daily the best of produce. 

Cycling is either hard work or a delightful pleasure depending just on whether your bicycle is suits you or not. And the bicycle to suit you in waiting for you at Mr G Boyle’s cycle works is Queen street. 

Greenoff’s toy and fancy shop in Lime Grove is especially attractive just now, and a sigh of the good things would be enough to take the juvenile breath away. The children’s trouble is that they cannot carry them all away at once. 

From the Rope Walk, Bideford, Messrs R Dymond & Son, of Mill street, supply the best of coals at the lowest cash prices. Telephone 25. Since Christmas last Mr J Headon has taken over the coal (business with branches as joiner and wheelwright) carried on at Westcombe, Bideford.


At Land’s Christmas Sale at Appledore you can be quite fitted up with everything in the way of high-class groceries, provisions, wines and spirits. Everything is of high quality, and there is a range of prices to suit all pockets.


From dress and dancing shoes to golf and shooting boots, Mr Ashplant, at Northam, noted for his handmade work, is open to execute all orders promptly, cheaply, and well. The fancy slippers are a very smart show.



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