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Mr and Mrs C Beer’s golden wedding

6.7.1937 Beer Golden Wedding

Their golden wedding was on Wednesday and they marked it with a family celebration. Twelve telegrams of good wishes and many other messages were received. From their children, and there are ten of them, they received a wireless set and a fireside chair to mark the occasion. Their grandson, Mr Eric Beer, serving in the RAF abroad, sent a cablegram. Among their visitors was the Mayor of Bideford, Mr T A Goaman, who offered cordial congratulations and good wishes.
Before her marriage Mrs Beer was a Miss Grace Parr of Buckland Brewer and was one of a family of seven. Her husband was one of eight and came from Shirwell, the other side of Barnstaple. They have five sons and five daughters, namely Miss K Beer, Miss A Beer, Mr J Beer, Mr W Beer, Mr A F Beer, Mrs O Taylor, Mrs B Shortridge, Mr G E Beer, Mrs F Boon and Mr A A Beer.
Both Mr and Mrs C Beer are in their 75th year and they were deeply touched by the many kind messages they had received. All their married life they have attended the Bridge Street Methodist Church. They have lived in Torridge Street, East-the-Water, Westcombe Gardens and in Myrtle Grove. They remember when there were no houses on the Belvoir estate. Pitt Lane was a narrow place with blackberry bushes growing on one side.
The full Gazette article is dated 6 July 1937

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