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Torrington man’s 48 years on railway

11.3.1960 Mr Steer

It is nearly 40 years since Mr Herbert Steer first walked from his home in New Street, Torrington, down the hill to the railway station and thence along the track to the signal box.
That has since been his daily routine, but on March 13th he will leave the box for the last time. The next day he will begin a fortnight’s leave and will then retire after having served on the railway for 48 years.
It was on October 14th 1912 that Mr Steer began to work for the London and South West Railway as a carriage cleaner at Plymouth. Four years later he was transferred to Portsmouth Arms as a porter but 18 months from then he was in the Army.
The war over, he became a porter at Bideford but was soon transferred to his native Torrington.
He intends to devote more time to his hobby of decorating and to do some gardening.
The full Gazette article is dated 11 March 1960

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