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Fatter wage packets were being taken home this week by North Devon glove workers.

7.3.1958 Glove workers

March 1st was the date from which local glove manufacturers had agreed with their employees to commence paying the increase awarded of 2d an hour for men and 1½d an hour for women.
Within the next few days manufacturers from Bideford and Torrington, together with the Regional Industrial Relations Officer, will be meeting the Ministry of Labour Conciliation Officer to discuss the position arising out of their decision to abide by the agreement reached with their employees not to pay the wage increase until March 1st although an arbitration committee had upheld a union claim for payment from the date of the award, October 9th.
Mr E F Day, managing director of Messrs. Sudbury’s Gloves, said payment of the wage increase now was going to mean a loss to the firm for the next two months. ‘We compromised on March 1st but the Spring trade does not cease until the end of April and we are paying out of last year’s prices which were fixed before we had any knowledge of this new wage award’ he said.
Mr Day added there was no truth in rumours that Messrs Sudbury’s were standing off staff. “We have hundreds of work and could take on another 20 girls tomorrow’ he added.
Gazette article dated 7 March 1958

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