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Chamber of Commerce invites support for request

1954 Sunday Trading Westward Ho

Application is to be made by Northam and Westward Ho! Chamber of Commerce to Devon County Council for Sunday trading to be allowed in the Westward Ho! ward only during the summer months.
Reporting on inquiries he had made of the Ilfracombe Chamber on the question of Sunday trading, the Secretary, Mr G W G Hutchings, read a letter which stated that Chamber had made application for exemption from the Shops Act, which could be given by Devon County Council, in each of the last three years and, although the applications had had the support of the local authority, they had been refused.
The secretary suggested the Westward Ho! Chamber ought to stir up other traders’ organisations in seaside resorts but Mr F C Twose thought the Chamber had not a hope of securing exemption. In view of the fact that extension of closing hours was granted to the Westward Ho! ward only under the Shops Act, 1950, he felt it should be possible to get Sunday trading allowed for the one ward, suggested the President, Mr C E M Clarke.
It seemed rather stupid that Ilfracombe should have been refused facilities for Sunday trading on three occasions and no reason given for the refusal, said Mr W Powell.
In reply to the Chamber’s request that a post box should be placed at Westbourne Terrace, Westward Ho! the Head Postmaster, Bideford, wrote that the application could not be entertained as it was not the practice to set up post boxes at spots less than half a mile from one already in existence. Mrs A Beecroft suggested it should be pointed out that twenty or more coachloads of people stopped at Westbourne Terrace nearly every day during the season and the first thing they did was to buy postcards and then ask where they could post them.
After Mr J H Yatman had told the Chamber that it had taken him five years of constant application to get a post box in Merley Road, the Chamber decided to renew their application and to point out that, on occasions during last summer, the post box at the Westward Ho! Post Office had been full to overflowing.
The full Gazette article is dated 19 November 1954

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