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Impressive Start to New Housing Plan

1954 collar factory stack felled

Yesterday morning, Bideford’s last link with collar-factory days, went down with a wallop!

It was the 60-foot high chimney stack, last remnant of the factory off Northam Causeway, Bideford, that was in full operation some 50 years ago. Before the last war, it had become Bideford and District Laundry until during the war years it was completely gutted by fire.
To Messrs Arthur Beer and Son, Bideford builders, yesterday was an important step in their plans to develop a new housing estate in that quarter. It will consist of an extension of North View Avenue, where four houses are already in course of construction, as far as Didham’s Lane, which connects at right angles with North Down Road. Midway another right angle connecting road, Cottingham Road, will connect up with the entrance to what was formerly Bideford Grammar School, and another cul-de-sac road will also lead up into what was formerly the School Playing Fields where Messrs Beer have already built detached houses, fronting North Down Road.
Recently, Bideford Bridge Trust sold the site of the old factory to Mr Beer for purposes of housing development.
The neat felling of the 60-foot stack was a tribute to the skill of two carpenters and a labourer who at 8am began preparations, replacing one side of the base of the chimney with wood props, which they set fire to (in the manner of Welsh craftsmen). As the wood burnt through the huge column of red bricks fell over dead-on line, with an impressive thump.
Gazette article dated 19 November 1954

1954 collar factory topplesPicture in Gazette dated 26 November 1954

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