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Mr D Garland Funeral - 19th March 1965

19.3.1965 Mr D Garland funeral

30 Years At Glove Factory

The funeral took place at St Mary's Church, Bideford, of Mr Desmond Harold Garland of 6 New Street, Bideford who was employed at Sudbury's glove factory for 30 years.
The Rev. P Colebrook, officiated and the organist, Mr J R Trigger accompanied the hymns.
Immediate mourners were; the widow; Mis C M Hayman; Mr and Mrs S Penney; Mr and Mrs G Tithecott; Mr and Mrs G Graham; Mr and Mrs A Beer; Mrs Welston; Mrs A G Murray; Mr Murray; Mr and Mrs N Langmead; Mr and Mrs W Thisby; Messrs G Thisby, G Elston, M Bailey, H Bedlar, D Thisby, Mesdames B Jones, H Bailey, T Shortridge, and Miss O Beer. Bearers were Messrs R Hancock, E Tanton, D Cann, R Halbert, C Skinner, D Burnett.
Others attending included: Mr and Mrs D Cox, Mr and Mrs C Sampson, Mr and Mrs A Davis, Mr and Mrs Gooding, Mr and Mrs P Longstaff, Mr and Mrs R Gooding, Mr and Mrs R Beresford, Mr and Mrs B R Curtis, Mr and Mrs Vanstone, Messrs C Hayman, P Marchant, P Gethings, M Yarde, White, T Milton, P Cole, H Sherborne, J Bale, H Southcombe, E Floyd, E B Wrey, Joy senr and junr, B Elston, M Prouse, B Nicholls, J Sinclair, M Blackmore, R Branch, R Taylor, M Schillers, A Thurlow, N Tithecott, Westwood, B Hortop, Sawtell, R Day, B Bissett, T McCurry, R Glover, R Cook, F Gayette, D Pengilly, L Williams, L Slade, Down, J Taylor, R Sharrock, G Lewis, Mesdames P Martin, D Martin, P McCarthy, C Scoins, Y Beer, L Simes, S Leverton, Marshall, Kryezka, H Tanton, J Schillers, E Colwill, Broad, Misses A Longstaff, I Pengilly, D Badcock, and G and O Passmore.

Many Flowers

Flowers were: family cross - loving thoughts of my dearest Des, you gave me so much happiness in such a short while and left me with beautiful memories. Goodnight my darling. God bless - to a wonderful person I was proud to call dad, I will remember you always - from his sorrowing wife Edna and step-daughter Carol; in loving memory - when the crying's over and silent thoughts last on, we thanks our Lord for giving us our mother's only son - God bless you brother dear, until we meet again, Myra and Sid; treasure memories of our dearest and only brother who will never be forgotten, Not goodbye Des, cheerio, God bless, Sheila and Gerald; you're gone from us uncle dear, and parting brings us pain, but now you're in God's good hands, until we meeet again, Janet and Alex; "The Appledore Boys"; Alan, Marjorie, Don, Freda and Cyril (Exeter); Jack, Derek, Rodney, Brenda, Alison, Olewyn, (cousins); nurese, Torridge Hospital; Harry, Lil and family; Doreen, Norman and boys; Pam and Michael Schiller; Wenna and Ian Massie and family (Tasmania); J. Taylor (Trip); Bill, Doris and children; Sam and Lil (Devonport): Phil and Enid (Kent); Peter and Joan; Kath, George, Dennis and Irene; Cissie, Len and Lil; Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Eastell and family; Vi, Stella and Stuart; officers and comrades of the Old Age Pensions Association No. 1 branch; little Roger Jones; Brian and Joyce; Ivor and Joan (Plymouth); David THisby (R.N.); Marlene, Derrick and family; Ada and Bill Tithecott; friends and neighbours New Street and Lower Gunstone - Funeral arrangements were by Mr. A J. Grant, Meddon Street, Bideford.

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