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Younger members not coming forward to help lifeboat cause 19.11.1954

younger membersConcern over the fact that younger people were not coming forward to play their parts in voluntary organisations was expressed at the annual meeting of the Appledore branch of the RNLI held at Bideford Town Hall.

Comments on the point came from the hon. treasurer, Mr W J G Coad and Captain H L Morgan in the course of tributes to the work of the Ladies' Lifeboat Guild.  Although younger members were not coming forward to take their share, the older members of the Ladies' Lifeboat Guild were carrying on their work most ably, said Mr Coad.

16 years as president: When the election of officers was considered, Rear Admiral H G C Franklin recalled that last year their President, Captain the Hon. Denys Scott, had intimated that he wished to resign but had agreed to carry on in the office for another year.  Captain Scott had been a member of the Appledore Lifeboat Committee for 37 years - something of a record.

Putting forward the name of Dr. D Valentine as the new President of the branch, Rear Admiral Franklin said Dr Valentine and his late father had been associated with the lifeboat for a very long time.  Proposal was seconded by Mr C H Ash.

Captain H L Morgan proposed a vote of thanks to the Ladies' Lifeboat Guild, which was seconded by Mr C H Ash and on behalf of the members of the Guild.  Mrs Buckeley thanks Mrs Williams for her leadership.

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