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Clovelly protests again about removal of shore lifeboat 29.03.1968

clovelly protests againA chapter of very nearly 100 years ends in the history of the lifeboat service at Clovelly - amid renewed protest from the village.

Weather permitting the shore-based lifeboat leaves for Cowes that day and in future the R.N.L.I.'s 70ft cruising lifeboat, known as 70001, which is now on permanent duty in the Bristol Channel, will be responsible for the area previously covered by the Clovelly boat.

Because he disagrees with the decision to take away Clovelly's shore based lifeboat, the local chairman, Mr Jack Prince, intimated he was not seeking re-election.

Commander W. L. G. Dutton, Chief Inspector of Lifeboats, from headquarters, also stressed that the Clovelly committee had done everything anyone could expect to try to keep the boat. 

Mr William Badcock, a local trawler owner, said a definite promise had been made to them that the 70001 would remain "on station" and not be away from the vicinity for two or three days on end and he wanted headquarters to know that local people were looking for this promise to be implemented.

Captain A. G. Sowman, is continuing as secretary of the station.

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