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 Lifeboat station at Clovelly to close 28th July 1967 (article in Western Times)

lifeboat station at Clovelly to closeLifeboat station at Clovelly is to be closed at the end of March.  Decision by the RNLI Committee of Management, follows consideration of the whole future of the lifeboat service in the Clovelly area, and it has been made despite a strong fight put up by local branch committee.

There has been a lifeboat station at Clovelly for nearly 100 years and Mr Jack Prince, the branch committee chairman, said that the R.N.L.I's decision had upset the villagers considerably.

Pebbles problem: In recent years problems over the use of the present station have arisen as a result of the building up at intervals of a bank of pebbles across the harbour mouth directly in line with the path the lifeboat would take when being launched, and twice this year a bulldozer has had to be called in to carry out clearance work.

"The R.N.L.I decision means of course that local control will be out, but I expect they will still want us to raise cash" said Mr Prince.

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